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"New forms evoked a new spirit which as a matter of course renewed each practitioner. A sombre darkness lifted and was replaced by a new exuberance. People had become youthful, powerful and agile, not only in their bodies, but also in their minds." 
Hiroyuki Aoki Shintaido A New Art of Movement and Life Expression

The forms allow you to find and express with your whole being, dimensions such as the world of one, the infinite and the sacred. And at the same time you can connect with your own unique life direction.

Shintaido's practice encompasses natural movement, from the most serene and stillest to the most dynamic and wildest. Each of the forms, when practiced under the direction of a qualified Shintaido instructor, is safe and healthy for your body and mind. Practice itself ranges from soft, regenerative exercises to the most challenging and dynamic. It all depends on the individual's condition, aspiration and commitment to enter the practice at the level that is appropriate to you.