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Shintaido means "new body way".

It was named this after an intense and creative research and development period in the early to mid 1960's in Japan, led by Hiroyuki Aoki.

"I then understood that what we needed at this time was not a martial arts movement that was constrained by tense shoulders, clenched fists and a tight hara, but one in which our hands and bodies are open to our partner and our neighbour in a gesture of respect, forgiveness and acceptance. What is required is a martial art which allows us to start from this idea. A martial art of today must be a means of developing a new philosophy allowing people all over the world to understand and help each other; it must contribute to the education of the universal man with a global point of view."
Hiroyuki Aoki Shintaido A New Art of Movement and Life Expression

Shintaido was born out of a passionate dream for a new body art that could stimulate the minds, bodies and hearts of men and women, across all kinds of economic, cultural, religious and pre-conditioned boundaries, in this day and age.