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sonoma2012 aokiIn the early 1960's a young artist and university student, Hiroyuki Aoki had become the Shotokai karate club captain of Tokyo's Chuo university under the instruction of Master Shigeru Egami, regarded as one of the founders of modern karate-do in Japan.

After many years of practicing and teaching, and having reached the highest level under Master Egami's practice, Aoki was given the task of researching the history of the martial arts in Japan and beyond.

This project led Aoki to form a research group of not only martial artists from a range of differing arts, but also artists, musicians and students of eastern and western philosophy, psychology and spirituality, as well as many other disciplines.

Aoki had developed a unique training method to test not only the validity and effectiveness of a particular "form" but also its relevancy to this age of quantum physics, space travel, jazz, rock, and the wave of avant-garde artistic expression that was bursting into all aspects of culture. Could the traditional forms develop the person in this day and age, given their philosophy was out of date? What really was needed for this age?

What eventuated from this amazing and intense research, was the birth of new forms which then led to the creation of a whole new body art, Shintaido.

For a more in-depth story of Shintaido's roots and creation see the book:
Shintaido A New Art of Movement and Life Expression by Hiroyuki Aoki
1982 Shintaido of America publication